How I’m Making $500 A Day Buying And Selling Bitcoins On Coinbase

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This is one of those win-win-win awesome free money opportunities that comes up every now and againm every day.  With this technique I’m making $500/700, almost every day. If you’d like to make serious money with a little initial effort, I suggest you do the following now. It’s the moment! Also, with this opportunity you could theoretically make unlimited money doing this, much more than my $500 a day. Read on:

The Opportunity:

On August 20th, Coinbase, one of the largest bitcoin exchange and digital wallet services, decided they had way too much money (having raised over $100 million in venture capital, including $75 million earlier this year), and came out with a very generous referral bonus: $10 for any person who signs up and buys $100 or more worth of bitcoins.

So let’s walk through the math of this deal:

  • You, as someone who has never used Coinbase before, sign up through my referral link: and buy $101 in bitcoins (important note: remember to buy $101, since they charge a 1% transaction fee, so you need to spend $101 to get $100 in bitcoins – see image above).
  • You’ve paid a total of $101: $100 is still yours, in the form of bitcoin, and $1 was a transaction fee paid to Coinbase.
  • Coinbase then pays me $10 in bitcoins as a referral bonus for introducing you to the wonderful world of bitcoins.
  • Coinbase then pays YOU $10 in bitcoins as a welcome bonus because I introduced you to the wonderful world of bitcoins.

Then, You have now $110! A very good start!

Making Profit on Coinbase

On Coinbase the rule is just one: Buy low sell high. Intraday or Intra-week!

The same applies anywhere you choose to trade, e.g. with dollars, BUT You know how much Bitcoins are growing up, and you know about their volatility. So that is the game. Check your Coinbase account and when the Bitcoin will be higher, then sell the margin only.


More Bitcoins you have, more you will make money. It’s the moment, right now, do not wait anymore.

Since I use this method I’m making money almost every day and I made over $72500 in just a year. Coinbase is the smartest exchange/wallet service and they will give you a bonus of $10 in Bitcoin, that if you want you can withdraw it to your Bank Account. Do not wait, and start right now to make money. Click here to get this bonus and to open a Coinbase account.

Instead, I’m making serious money investing in Bitcoins, over $9000/month, trading bitcoins on

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