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Title :  Storing Soft Plastics
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Jennifer Lamar
Comment from : Jennifer Lamar

bullhead not a catfish
Comment from : BiPolarBoy1

9:10 red wriggler not night crawlers
Comment from : CyBilly

Chubby wubby Cali fishing crankbaiterjdg FishingDua
Por some of that liquid of the crawfish in the water and you will cache a fish
Comment from : Chubby wubby Cali fishing crankbaiterjdg FishingDua

Jamison James
What type of fishing line do you use on your spinning rod
Comment from : Jamison James

Heather Dietrich Feigum
11:25 it’s a bullhead
Comment from : Heather Dietrich Feigum

lil_ miez
That nice transitioning though
Comment from : lil_ miez

Jessica Chapman
Love the vid
Comment from : Jessica Chapman

cee chh
Worm blower is used for injecting liquid into your worms to make them float to the surface and squiggly around.
Comment from : cee chh

Griffin Hunt
😂😂😂 when he got trout worms 3 times had me bro
Comment from : Griffin Hunt

Op Hadihf
Poor bait fish
Comment from : Op Hadihf

Austin Miller
Wow that is pretty cool they should have bait and tackle vending machines at all state parks in ohio
Comment from : Austin Miller

Fishing With The Goat
It’s a bullhead catfish
Comment from : Fishing With The Goat

Kerrie Maddox
The rawwfam
Comment from : Kerrie Maddox

Hyper face
year 3000 live pets in vending machine
Comment from : Hyper face

Raven Deechan
Comment from : Raven Deechan

Galim Rascon
I would be pissed if i bought something and it got stuck
Comment from : Galim Rascon

Lil’ OrèO
I really want one of those vending machines near our lake
Comment from : Lil’ OrèO

Rishi Patel
Door to vending machine was dope. Is this at white clay?
Comment from : Rishi Patel

Juliaa Danielouu
I love this ow my gash is verry impossible continu fish machine 😡
Comment from : Juliaa Danielouu

Big ben316
LUMS POND sucks !!!!!!
Comment from : Big ben316

Carlos Maza
Taking a lat do..and off
Comment from : Carlos Maza

PNW Skates
You put the hook wrong in your bait, on the minnows you wanna just put the hook right on the top by like the dorsal fin or whatever you call it, and then the crawfish you wanna hook it through the top out the bottom. It’s all debatable but if you want a good result I’d recommend that
Comment from : PNW Skates

Therese Gooch
I’m in MN. And that vending machine is so awesome, I wish we had those vending machines for bait. Loved the video.
Comment from : Therese Gooch

Jenneline Dupitas
Comment from : Jenneline Dupitas

rohit uttakar
Comment from : rohit uttakar

Len- Milo
Is this a Crossfire 4000?
Comment from : Len- Milo

Jaakko Koistinen
E beit

Comment from : Jaakko Koistinen

Ultimate Despair
the little blue rocks with the live minnows, is zeolite which absorbs ammonia (ammonia bad for fish),ammonia is produced by fish waste (their poopies).
most likely those vending machines are checked daily for freshness/quality at least the ones over here are XD.

Comment from : Ultimate Despair

Baphul Biam
U are talking too much 😐😑
Comment from : Baphul Biam

Drake Waters
fuck you
Comment from : Drake Waters

janet birchfield
nice catch
Comment from : janet birchfield

Tyler Mann
Worm blowers are a needle that your blow live worms up with air so they float
Comment from : Tyler Mann

nice seevee
Comment from : MrCelticJayRay

Why forcing that much a fish...it seems you like to loose fishes ahahh
Comment from : Fumek028

Rob Miller
What state park is that?? I really wanna check it out
Comment from : Rob Miller

Know any good spots near bear de
Comment from : Tori

Blood mark
10:30 That looks like a freshwater drums(sheepshead) for me
Comment from : Blood mark

hi what up
What is the name of the app and is it on google play
Comment from : hi what up

Smo King
Please like and subscribe my video’s ☺️❤️
Comment from : Smo King

Person S
FSF you need to advertise ur channel
Comment from : Person S

faez fz91
Hi....kindly subscribe and support my channel faez fz91 too...thanks you sir...😉👍🎣
Comment from : faez fz91

curtis pierce
That is a bullhead
Comment from : curtis pierce

Rodney McCray
I caught a cat fish that looked exactly like that
Comment from : Rodney McCray

Easily the craziest day of fishing I’ve ever had was in this teeny mountain pond where I caught 40 catfish the size of my pointer finger on powerbait.
Comment from : dcfanchris

Ian Lee
4:15 if you want to see live minnows
Comment from : Ian Lee

monster mason
I’m pretty sure that was a bull head not a catfish
Comment from : monster mason

Jakey Boy
Too many cuts in the video bro
Comment from : Jakey Boy

just realized his name is firststatefishing bc delaware was the first state lmoa
Comment from : ethan

President Donald
I've been searching for that damn vending machine where are they.
Comment from : President Donald

Ryan Lloyd
Comment from : Ryan Lloyd

Albin Liljeholm
Sick transition dude!
Comment from : Albin Liljeholm

Dude you need to buy more live minnows and building an aquarium! That’s would be amazing!!!
Comment from : STLHD

BRC 21
The car vending machine
Comment from : BRC 21

April Adams
I have a craw fish farm behind my house
Comment from : April Adams

Nik :D
Bait enslavement just sayin
Comment from : Nik :D

0:05 epic edits intensified
Comment from : PuRe DREAD

GreyTownHero 90
Where in Delaware is this
Comment from : GreyTownHero 90

SAMUEL 0112sami
Really lucky minnows
Comment from : SAMUEL 0112sami

Marcus Perttula
that beard tbh kinda gross
Comment from : Marcus Perttula

SERGE craze
0:38 any notice the “worm blower”
Comment from : SERGE craze

Ashley Wilmot
I don’t care you’re ugly and you’re stupid
Comment from : Ashley Wilmot

sayra Vargas
0:06 bars
Comment from : sayra Vargas

11:16 its a bullhead
Comment from : magnisman

Sounded like you were going to rap in the start
Comment from : Krelle420

Jaxon Snoop
Wish you were good at fishing
Comment from : Jaxon Snoop

What is a good starting set up for rod reel and line. I want to get into fishing more and i’ve tried a rod but it wasn’t the best quality and i was fixing and cutting line more than i was fishing. I just want a nice and simple set up thank you!
Comment from : DjSavage

Austin Maichle
You are at Lums pond. I go there sometimes and never have and luck on bass.BTW great video
Comment from : Austin Maichle

Noice vid. Keep up the great work
Comment from : BluePhenix69

Topher Sutton
Stupid that's a bullhead not a catfish
Comment from : Topher Sutton

Ty Warden
Question for you fishermen what’s the biggest black crappie and largemouth bass you have ever caught my pb for bass is 10 pounds and pb for crappie is 13 inches
Comment from : Ty Warden

Fishing With Josh
It's about to CUM down
Comment from : Fishing With Josh

Alll his vid

I knew this place a long time ago

Comment from : kidconnorc

Marcus Moore
😂😂no tree hugger here but that sucks to have your last days alive in a vending machine lmao
Comment from : Marcus Moore

derrick gear
Your vids are the best man. I had a bad game last night (baseball) and I came home, watched some of your vids and I felt much better. Thank you bro 👊
Comment from : derrick gear

Outdoors with jolly
@FirstStateFishing lmao I know exactly where you’re at. I use to hit up those docks when I’d fish tournaments there.
Comment from : Outdoors with jolly

Ethan Syferd
Holy fuck the transition was clean
Comment from : Ethan Syferd

Ranger 7
Hey I have the same phone case
Comment from : Ranger 7

Kaiblaze 2Gs
YOU have to eat fish not let them go dum ass
Comment from : Kaiblaze 2Gs

Jd And brad
That was a bullhead like if you agree
Comment from : Jd And brad

This is a the only fishing channel in this style that is good most are just over edited and annoying
Comment from : QuestionableMotives

you actualy titled the meal worms mealies

Comment from : RhinoMorning

Are all fishing videos technically click-bait?
Comment from : Nitsua

1:15 "I don't know if those are live or not" Vending machine: "Are you blind" (Live bait & Tackle)
Comment from : DayTimesOver

Raptor Raptor
Holding the rod wrong but i do the same XD
Comment from : Raptor Raptor

Luke Winter
You caught a bullhead catfish
Comment from : Luke Winter

The Cam playz
The crawfish is a yabbie
Comment from : The Cam playz

Owen Dejong
10:59 is that a car giving it in the distance lol
Comment from : Owen Dejong

Bennett BoyZ
y do u use a left handed pole
Comment from : Bennett BoyZ

Anthony Wallace
It must be so corny pulling up positioning the camera leave then come back just to get a pulling into the parking spot intro/clip😂😂😂👎🏽
Comment from : Anthony Wallace

Randy Fackler
That transition from car to vending machine was so dope
Comment from : Randy Fackler

Imma try this out Steven
That transition tho
Comment from : Imma try this out Steven

Delco Trash
Comment from : Delco Trash

Jose Vazquez
What part of Delaware
Comment from : Jose Vazquez

congrats on 300k subs!
Comment from : Tarsanic

Saw my first bait vending machine yesterday in missouri On my way! Back to texas time to go fishin
Comment from : RJ

Bwmcp 123
I’m new to this but are t u supposed to use a bobber for a worm
Comment from : Bwmcp 123

Rafael Reyna
Can u do a vid of buying all baits and try to fish out fish or
Try to catch fish with ur hands

Comment from : Rafael Reyna

Jake nelson
If u said bro,dude,man and y’all much less the videos would be so much more enjoyable
Comment from : Jake nelson

ThiccgodsXx YUH!
Do u live in ohio
Comment from : ThiccgodsXx YUH!

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