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There are nowadays lots of online casino games out there, but which ones are good, and which aren’t? The online casino game CryptosDice offers just one game, but multiple opportunities with multiple
cryptocurrencies accepted.

Why CryptosDice is One of The Best Online Casino Games?

CryptosDice features an average-looking UI with the basics- play, deposit, withdraw, investing, and promotion. We’ll discuss all of these later, but we’ll look at the main website first. All of the information on the site is tabbed away neatly, and nothing is out of place or questionable.

The bankroll of the site is relatively high for a site like this- about 5.9 for BTC, 20 for LTC, and 200,000 for DOGE.

The bankroll of most online casino games is around 1-5%; it ensures they don’t lose all of their money. This is a great feature for investors, as it ensures the site won’t run. Next, we’ll look at their provably fair checker and all of the other features of the site.

Provably Fair

CryptosDice is very secure for the bettor, as it allows you to check each roll to see if it was indeed legitimate or if it wasn’t. Click on the green checkbox, and a page will popup that will allow you to verify the game.

The provably fair checker is a bit confusing at the first look. However it does give you a good relief.

Even you can’t check tolls here, you can check the server seed, which is hidden. It will be checkable after a new pair is generated, which will take some time. Come back later, and you will then be able to check your roll. While not the most convenient system to check rolls, it does work well.

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40+ Altcoins Accepted!

With many online casino games, the only option is usually going to be Bitcoin- but the conventional way of exchange can be costly. CryptosDice makes this much more convenient by simply accepting all of these altcoins. They include the more often-used DOGE, LTC, NXT and PPC, while also accepting the more exotic POT and MAX, among other currencies.

With so many options available to game with, there’s essentially endless possibilities; there’s much less exchanging than there would be with a conventional casino.

They also let you invest in the website, which is a normal feature. Most sites allow you to invest, but it’s usually hidden away somewhere where most people will not be able to find it- here, the invest button is next to the cashout button, and is very visible- click on the button, and you’ll be able to invest with your current balance.

The website explains the investing well, so there’s not much to explain- this can possibly be more profitable than playing the game itself; it’s still luck, but there’s a smaller chance of losing.

Slider instead of high + low!

This is not present on most online casino games – many will only allow you to bet higher or lower than a set number, and even if they do allow a dynamic number, it usually is just a box that doesn’t show you much.

With a slider, it’s possible to get a more accurate idea of the chance you have to win, and it allows you to play safely or with lots of risk; you may have a lucky day or an unlucky one; this allows you to shape the game how you want to play it.

The slider is also interesting; you can fix your interval to the very top or wherever you want it to go- you can leave 1% at the bottom or .5% at both ends- it makes the game much more interesting, and you can play around with this to see what suits you the best. The payout will, of course, be adjusted accordingly, so take note of that, and plan well.


CryptosDice is a simple an good site that has much more innovation than one would expect from a dice site.

Accepting more than 40 altcoins, they offer a wide range of possibilities, and also offer ways to invest and play your way. Their provably fair system works well, but only after a time when a new server seed is used. With all these positives, it’s no wonder why so many people use this site!

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