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Mixing bitcoins is something that’s not done very often among normal Bitcoin users, but it is very useful for those who want to protect their business. When you mix your bitcoin, you’ll know it can be used as one of the best security systems.

CryptoMixer provides very effective and cheap Bitcoin mixing for anyone looking for extra security. Now we will show you how CryptoMixer can become an indispensable service to your business.

Why Does CryptoMixer Work as Security Systems?

CryptoMixer uses its algorithm to mix Bitcoins randomly so you get X bitcoins from multiple outputs, but still nearly the same amount of Bitcoin. Mixing allows more anonymity than with regular transactions, and as such it becomes much harder to trace bitcoin transaction.

CryptoMixer guarantees that unlike other sites, the bitcoins you get will be from genuinely random sources, and none will be from the transaction where you deposited the bitcoins to their mixing wallet.

Cryptomixer allows you to put up an extra layer of security systems between payments so the recieving address for your bitcoins cannot trace the transaction back to the original wallet it was sent from.

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Why is Cryptomixer better than the rest?

CryptoMixer has a reserve of bitcoins that is always around 2000 bitcoins, so you can be assured that no matter how large the mixed transaction is, it will always be processed. This is especially useful for managed security services, as CryptoMixer provides this with low and customizeable fees.

In addition to all of this, Cryptomixer has many customizeable things, such as a delay. Delay allows you to prevent time-based analysis, which is another great feature of security systems.

The security systems provider CryptoMixer also has provided a convenient calculator for you to estimate how much the total bitcoin you should send is. Many sites will not offer calculators and ask for you to pay at the very last stage, which can be frustrating as you may not have the right amount of bitcoin.

In addition to all of this, CryptoMixer does not keep any transaction logs, and they’re destroyed after 24 hours to ensure nobody can get their hands on it. While it’s not likely that the site could get hacked, if it does, you’ll have a good chance that the previous mixes you’ve had will not be on their record, and so Cryptomixer has put up yet another extra layer of security systems.

Cryptomixer also has a method to prevent the same bitcoins you deposited being in the recieving transaction; if you have done any mixing transactions on the site, they will give you a unique Cryptomixer code that you need to put in that will prevent those bitcoins from entering the exiting transaction.

While it’s relatively unlikely any bitcoins in the entering transaction will be in the exiting transaction without the Cryptomixer code with such a large reserve pool, it’s always nice to see a site put up extra layers of defense.

Mixing is serious business if you want to use it as one for your security systems, and Cryptomixer provides the professionalism that is needed for such a task.

Why Trust Cryptomixer?

The managed security services provider CryptoMixer has great reputation in the Bitcoin community, and if you still don’t trust them, you can verify a signed message that they have provided to make sure their reserves are truly 2000 and that the message is legitimate.

We’re assuming you already know how to verify messages, but for those uninitiated, simply go to..

Select File -> Verify Message or Tools -> Verify Message (this may vary by wallet, but generally this is how it goes)

After getting to the message verification page, paste in the address 1CrypMixXWtTjYGCM5ZJmyQYP1Y39P7aLM and the letter of guarantee as well as the digital signature.

This will allow you to verify the site’s message, although we’ve already done this for you and it works.

With all this trust, there are just more and more reasons why Cryptomixer is a good and genuine source; it’s a great security systems provider, and it is extremely secure.

If even all of that doesn’t make you feel good about the site, We will present two more points to make you change your mind.

Become a CryptoMixer’s Partner!

Yes, CryptoMixer offers partnerships! Simply click on the green button found at here and a popup will allow you to sign up for a partnership.

Once done, the site will give you your unique URL you can use to refer people to the site. The payouts for the partnership are done once a week, every week, so there’s no manual-withdrawal hassle, and you earn 50% of the profits that the site gets from your clients!

You can also opt for a different method of referral, as it’s not always possible to put the code into the link; this is not automatic, and you will need to contact the site to get a special domain registration method.

To do this, simply click on the green words in the text, and you will be directed to a popup that will allow you to leave your message for a domain registration referral method.

The security systems provider Cryptomixer offers a very attractive partnership opportunity, and we suggest you take advantage of this.

Clients of Managed Security Services Need Support, Right?

CryptoMixer’s support is simple to contact and efficeint. You can access a generic popup in with spots to enter your name, email, and your problem. Although support is a bit lacking on the Cryptomixer’s side, all questions will usually be answered a few hours from the sending time.

However, it’s unlikely that you will face many issues here, and they will usually resolve the problem without much hassle.

In addition to, you always can contact them by alternative ways:

If you’d like to keep up with further promotions on their site, you must follow their Twitter account. They have quite a few opportunities to earn bitcoin there.

As we said before, you also can contact then by CryptoMixer official topic in Bitcoin Talk’s forum.


The managed security services provider CryptoMixer provides all of its services with great professionalism and great quality; there’s not many better than Cryptomixer out there, and it Cryptomixer is definitely on our list of top Crypto mixing services.

Unfortunately, they only mix Bitcoin, as we would like to see they mixing more than just one coin. We think they’d get lots more reputation because of their serious and realible service.

Partnerships with the site offers lots of profit for anybody connected with many people in the crypto community, and even that is mixable! There’s lots of shady mixing sites out there, but the managed security services provider Cryptomixer is by far the best one available.

We’d recommend this site to anyone who’s looking for a managed security system that processes quickly and efficiently, with small fees!

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