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We’ve all been there before- the frustrating times when you just can’t find a deal on something, but you know there’s one out there. Luckily, Bitfortip is a cheap remedy for that problem; it helps you find the best internet deals (and informations) at a very low price- we’ll explain later.

How does this bitcoin site work?

Bitfortip is a bitcoin site where you provide a small ‘tip’ in exchange for getting a deal on a product or some information you cant find by yourself. For example, you may want a phone for 185$, but you’re only finding deals for 200$ in your area. By putting a small tip in your request, it gives ‘searchers’ an incentive to scout around for a deal that is below or at your advertised price.

This bitcoin site also can help you to find fashion items. For example, that dress you saw on a magazine, website, Pinterest or Instagram and you don’t know where to buy it online. You can upload it as photo and ask Bitfortip members to search it online for you in order to win the bitcoin reward.

Tips are usually not very expensive; you can set it to as low as 0.0003 BTC, for example, or as high as 0.001 BTC. Keep in mind you WILL need to factor in transaction fees in the transaction, so it may not be economical to send a tip deposit in its own transaction.

What can you ask for? How to find the best internet deals?

The bitcoin site Bitfortip is great for both the searcher and the tipper, as you’ll get several deals to choose from; one person may have a lower deal than another person.

Once you find the deal you like, simply choose that person’s comment, and they will be rewarded the tip! Both searcher and tipper gets something they want.

It doesn’t even have to be a product- you can ask various questions as well- for example, one person on the site has asked for instructions on how to open an anonymous bank account, and another person has asked for instructions on how to mine bitcoin.

The possibilities of the site are truly endless, and you can ask almost anything you need answered on the site. Of course it is a great tool to find the best internet deals paying just a little tip.


Bitfortip is a bitcoin site which offers a cheap and reliable way of finding deals and getting questions answered. Their cheap system allows you to get multiple users’ feedback, thus allowing you to choose the best deal and award the tipper.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use the site, and its convenient features make it an ingenious and helpful service. Overall, Bitfortip definitely has lots of potential, and we recommend this to anyone looking for an answer to their questions, or a cheap deal.


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